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Verre Select products are used in the manufacture of Energy Star approved doors and windows.

Complete information on zoning specifications below :

Zones Chart

Québec zones

Canada zones


All Verre Select products have a 10 year warranty against defects of manufacturing and condensation. This warranty does not cover the thermal breakage.

The warranty applies to the original buyer, in any manufacturer’s defect claim. Proof of purchase has to be submitted for products purchased more than 12 months before the claim. Units will be inspected to comply with glass industry standard. The warranty is limited to the glass only. Verre Select will choose whether to repair, replace with same product, exchange with another unit of same value or reimburse the customer.

Visual defects have to be noticeable at a distance of at least 3 feet.

Glass vibration of some models is not considered a defect.

Verre Select will not assume any shipping & handling fees, or any other indirect cost attached to the use of our products.

The warranty does not cover thermal breakage of sealed units.

The warranty is valid only if unit is installed by a qualified technician.

The warranty does not cover scratches noticed after unit is installed.

Warranty covers painted panel with aluminium frame only.


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